Combustion Reaction

What are combustion reactions?

Also known as a “burning reaction”, a combustion reaction is a reaction that includes a compound and also an oxidant. What it produces is a product and heat (which is why it is called a “burning reaction”) and/or light.

An Example:

CH4 +2O2 –> CO2 + 2H2O


The different things that mix combine and then does a spark. The “combustion” goes from that layer to an adjacent layer that has the gas mixture. Now, all of the points in the souse is an “ignition layer”.

How does it relate to my life?

When something burns, like a candle, it has to react with oxide. Then, it is able to do the reaction, giving off both the product and heat, which, in turn, melts the wax of the candle and makes the whole home smell good, right after making it smell like it is going to burn down.


Combustion Reaction

Fuel + O2 CO2 + H2O

Fuel plus o2 will become CO2, plus h2o o o o that is called combustion reaction yeah

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