Acid-Base Reaction

What is an Acid Base Reaction

It is the “exchange of ” hydrogen ions that are between two species (atoms/molecules/ions that are combined) that might be neutral or they might be electrically charged. When the acid and the base is put together, it is going to form a salt. Salt is referring to the product of all acid base reactions.

An Example

Photo From hyperphysics

This equation produces both water and table salt


This is because when you are combining the properties of the acids and the bases together, then you are also combing the cation (H+) from the acid and the anion (OH-) from the base to form the water. And then the other elements are going to form the salt.

It is basically adding H to an element to make sure it is an acid.

In Real life

You would see that this is the process of making salt and water..

Acid-Base Reaction

HA + B —> BH + A 

H A PLUS B TO BH PLUS A is acid base reactions. Yeah

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